Creating the Perfect Circle

Posted by Chaos on April 18th, 2011 filed in Kayos

Well, I am finding many road blocks on the way to decorating the lounge. Today, while drawing on one window, I found that I needed to make a giant circle. And, well, that’s a problem since they don’t make compasses in window size. After brainstorming with people on facebook, I decided to try it freehand as there was not a reasonable alternative method. I think it turned out fairly well. Otherwise, the project has mostly consisted of a lot of bubble letters and tedious cutting.


So, sometime after creating the freehand circle, I finally got a reasonable suggestion in regards to how to make the perfect circle. It was to put a thumbtack in the the center, then tie a string to the thumbtack and my pencil. Then, the idea is to hold the pencil at the strings full length and hold the pencil as perpendicular as possible. Trying this for my next circle.

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